Its interesting to think that I’m actually moving forward into another chapter of my life, turning the page onto another adventure. I finally realized this the other day. The concept has been rolling around my mind and to be completely honest its a totally nerve-racking feeling…from now on my life will be startlingly different. The people I’ll be interacting with, the things I spend my time with, my very own thought process will all be different. Like, holy cow I’m not even sure I’m ready for this. Then again its all for the better right?


So essentially this blog is an outlet for my art. Plain and simple. Soon I’ll be diving into classes at the acclaimed Art Center of Pasadena full-time and I feel this would be the perfect way to make my creations available to everyone.  I wanted this blog to follow my ideas and projects as I experience the challenges of school, as well as serve as a professional method of contact (commission, special projects, etc). Eventually I’ll have a professional website up too, but like I typed earlier, lets just keep it simple. :)